Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Memories Suite Giveaway

Its been a while since I have posted.  I have been slacking in the crafting department.  I usually start crafting the Winter so in about a month I will start posting some new cards :)

However go over to Becks Cric Cards as she is giving away "My Memories Suite" 


Take Care


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog Awards

I want to thank Karey at http://www.creativecraftcorner.com/ for this award and also Bec http://beckscricards.blogspot.com/ for a second Stylish Blogger Award 
Next I want to Thank Bec again at http://beckscricards.blogspot.com/  for this new award
Unfortunatley I am at work and I don't have time to nominate other blogs but I will be doing so on the weekend.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday Month Extravaganza & my new cricut imagine

So March is a big birthday month for my family.  So on to the crafting I go.  I thought I would use my new cricut imagine for all of them but what I have found over the few times I have used it that I love it but I love my normal cricut too.  Until Provo decides to allow coloring of individuals places instead of coloring the same color of the full image and not just each layer I know I will stick to my cricut for layering projects and use the cricit imagine cartridges for single layer stuff.  Don`t get me wrong I don`t regret buying the imagine but am looking forward to the future updates and also looking forward to the release of Cricut Craft Room.

Anyways here are a few cards that I made this morning.  Hope you like them

PS for my family members who read this blog yes these may be your birthday cards.  LOL

Made using Birthday Bash and my BIG Kick...Love the big kick

Again made using Birthday Bash

Made with Cricit Imagine More

My first attempt at Cricut Imagine - using Imagine More

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Craft Blog

Well here I am with a new craft blog only because of encouragement from my friend at beckscriccards (http://beckscricards.blogspot.com/.  Plus I figured it would give me reasons to keep crafting and hopefully share some ideas.  I am finding that as much as I LOVE card making I think I need to venture into a new lane of cricut.  I am not sure I want to make scrapbooks per se but I figured there must be way more things my cricut can do.  Also after months of wanting the Cricut Imagine I finally bought it and I am just waiting for it to arrive.  I am excited to see what it can do.......so excited. 

Anyways I thought I would just share a few cards I have made lately.  A couple birthday cards and one for a girl at work who is leaving us this up coming week.  Let me know what you think and thanks for reading my blog :)

Made using the Mickey & Friends Cricut Cartridge

Made using Paper Pups cricut cartridge

Made using Stretch your imagination Cricut Cartridge